Welcome to the Image and Video Processing Laboratory in the EECS Department at Northwestern University. The lab's objective is to generate cutting-edge research results in the fields of multimedia signal processing, multimedia communications, computational imaging and machine learning.     Within these fields we have been working in a variety of problems (e.g., recovery, compression, segmentation, and speech and speaker recognition) and applications areas (e.g., medical, multi-spectral, and astronomical image processing). We are also very excited about our recent work in DNA-based digital signal processing and molecular image processing. The IVPL has extensive collaborations with the research labs of Prof. Rafael Molina, Prof. Ying Wu , and Prof. Ollie Cossairt in a variety of these theoretic and applications areas.     Within our web pages, you should find descriptions of our various research interests as well as a complete list of publications. Additionally, we are providing links to the individual staff pages and a variety of methods to contact us.