Graduated Doctoral Students
Name Graduation Date Thesis Title Current Position
Joon Paik June, 1990 Image Restoration and Edge Detection Using Neural Networks Associate Professor, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea
Kuen Lay December, 1991 Blur Identification and Image Restoration Using the EM Algorithm Associate Professor, National Taiwan Institute of Technoogy, Tapei, Taiwan
Seraphim Efstratiadis December, 1991 Adaptive Constrained recursive Displacement Field and Image Sequence Estimation Professor, Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
Cheuk Chan December, 1993 Image Sequence Filtering and Displacement Field Estimation Under Quantum-Limited Imaging Conditions PAR Government Systems Corporation, La Jolla, CA; Packet Video, San Diego, CA
James Brailean December, 1993 Recursive Displacement Field Estimation with Application to Image Sequence Processing Motorola, Schaumburg, IL; CEO, Packet Video, San Diego, CA.
Mark Banham June, 1994 Wavelet-Based Image Restora- tion Techniques Motorola, Schaumburg, IL; Packet Video, San Diego, CA.
Moon Gi Kang June, 1994 Adaptive Iterative Image Restoration Algorithms Professor, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
John Goyette December, 1994 Evaluation of the Point Spread Function for Restoration of Autoradiographic Images XiTec, Inc., Windsor Locks, CT
Taner Ozcelik June, 1995 A Very Low Bit Rate Video Codec SONY, San Jose, CA; President and CEO of MobileSmarts, Palo Alto, CA.
Brian Tom December, 1995 Reconstruction of a High Resolution Image from Multiple Degraded Mis-Registered Low Res- olution Images MRI, Evanston, IL
Guido Schuster June, 1996 A Video Compression Scheme with Optimal Bit Allocation among Segmentation, Displacement Vector Field, and Displaced Frame Difference US Robotics (3COM), Skokie, IL; Professor, HSR Hochschule fur Technik Rapperswil, Switzerland
Min-Cheol Hong December, 1997 Adaptive Iterative Image and Video Recovery Approaches LG, Seoul, Korea; Assistant Professor, Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea.
Javier Mateos June, 1998 Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation for the Removal of Blocking Artifacts in Block- Compressed Images Assistant Professor, University of Granada
Damon Tull June, 1998 Regularized Restoration of Partial-Response Distortions in Sporadically Degraded Images Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; CEO- DVIP Multimedia, Rockville, MD., Evanston, IL
Chun-Jen Tsai December, 1998 Disparity and Motion Field Estimation in Bi-channel Video Sequences Packet Video, San Diego, CA; Professor, National Chiao Tung University, HsinChu, Taiwan
Faisal Ishtiaq June, 1999 H.263 Scalable Video Coding and Trans- mission at Very Low Bitrates Motorola, Schaumburg, IL.
Lisimachos Kondi June, 1999 Low Bit-Rate SNR Scalable Video Coding and Transmission Assistant Professor, State University of New York, Buffalo, NY.
Jay Williams May, 2000 Speech-to-Video Conversion for In- dividuals with Impaired Hearing Ingenient Technologies, Chicago, IL; Motorola, Schaumburg, IL
Gerry Melnikov May, 2000 Boundary Encoding for Multimedia Communications Motorola, Schaumburg, IL; Ingenient Technologies, Chicago, IL
Laura Drake June, 2001 Sound Source Separation via Computational Auditory Scene Analysis (CASA)-Enhanced Beamforming
Carlos Luna June, 2002 Video Quality and Network Efficiency Trade-Offs in Video Streaming Applications Boeing, CA
C. Segall June, 2002 Framework for the Post- Processing, Super-Resolution and Deblurring of Compressed Video Sharp Labs, WA
Javier Ortega June, 2003 Bayesian Image Restoration and Reconstruction Using Multichannel Decompo- sition Assistant Professor, University of Granada
Haohong Wang June, 2004 Optimal Resource Allocation in Object-Based Video Encoding TCL-Thomson Electronics, San Jose, CA
Petar Aleksic June, 2004 Audio-Visual Interactions in Multimodal Communications Using Facial Animation Parameters Google, NY, NY.
Yiftach Eisenberg June, 2004 Optimal Resource Al- location in Stochastic Video Communication Systems Program Manager, DARPA, Washington, DC
Fan Zhai June, 2004 Cross-layer Resource Allocation for Video Transmission over Packet Lossy Networks Texas Instruments, TX
James Li June, 2004 Rate-Distortion Based Video Sum- marization Samsung, TX.
Zhilin Wu June, 2004 Feature Extraction for Audio- Visual Interactions University of Wisconsin, WI
Sotirios Tsaftaris June, 2006 DNA Computing Assistant Professor, IMT Lucca, Italy.
Peshala Pahalawatta December, 2007 Downlink Packet Scheduling and Resource Allocation for Multiuser Video Transmission Over Wireless Net- works Senior Research Engineer, Dolby Laboratories
Stefanos Belekos June, 2009 Bayesian Techniques for Super-Resolution of Compressed and Uncompressed Video Vodafone, Greece
Ehsan Maani December, 2009 Scalable Video Transmission Sony, San Jose, CA
S. Babacan December, 2009 Bayesian Techniques for Image Recovery Google, Mountain View, CA
Glafkos Stratis June, 2010 Quantization of Polarization States through Scattering Mechanisms Rytheon, Tucson, AZ
Passant Karunaratne June, 2010 Pre-Processing and Post- Processing Methods for Video Compression Microsoft, Seattle, WA
Fan Jiang December, 2010 Anomalous Event Detection from Surveillance Video Amazon, Seattle, WA
Eren Soyak March, 2011 Tracking Optimized Video Compres- sion Director, Systems Engineering, AirTies Wireless Networks, Istanbul, Turkey.
Louis Terry March, 2011 Audio-Visual Asynchrony Modeling and Analysis for Speech Alignment and Recognition Quantitative Trader, Chopper Trading, Chicago, IL.
Xiaoming Yin June, 2011 Exponential Signal Models for Gradient Echo Imaging in MRI Citigroua, NY, NY.
Martin Luessi August, 2011 Bayesian Approaches to Inverse Problems in Functional Neuroimaging Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Mas- sachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.
Zhaofu Chen June, 2014 Multidimensional Signal Processing for Sparse and Low-Rank Problems Google, Mountain View, CA
Bruno Amizic June, 2014 Bayesian Blind Image Restoration The Boeing Company, CA
Xin Xin June, 2014 Compact Descriptors for Visual Search Microsoft, Seattle, WA
Li Gao June, 2014 Use of Global and Local Features for Fast Video Search Quantum Data Inc, IL
Bao Wang June, 2015
Antonio Fernandez July, 2015 Parameter Estimation in Bayesian Reconstruction of SPECT Images using Gauss Markov Models Assistant Professor, University of Granada
Zhu Li September, 2015
Graduated Masters Students
Name Graduation Date Thesis Title Current Position
Patrick Brady June, 1987 Computer Simulation of Electric Discharge Using Fractal Noise Functions
Stephanie Lam December, 1987 Maximum Entropy Based Iterative Image Restoration Algorithms
Leonid Tokman June, 1989 Nonlinear Iterative Signal Restoration
Tomas De Roux December, 1989 Optical Implementation of an Iterative Image Restoration Algorithm
Chakravart Triplicane December, 1989 Recursive Restoration of Noisy Image Sequences
Shu-Yuan Yang June, 1990 Image Restoration with Ringing Reduction
Jaeyoung Kwak June, 1990 Motion Estimation Using Skeletons
Yu-Chun Kuo June, 1990 A Constrained Iterative Algo- rithm for Identification and Restoration of Images
Dong-Joon Shin August, 1991 Adaptive Interpolation Schemes for Digital Angiographic Sequences
Gregory Alexopoulos December, 1991 Inbetweening Tech- niques with Free-Form Deformations for Computer Animation
Ozan Erdogan June, 1992 Restoration of Image Sequences
Tom Kostas December, 1993 Adaptation of JPEG-Based Compression of Radiographic Images
Vania Estrela December, 1995 Motion Estimation Using the Total Least Squares Approach
Rachel Smith December, 1995 An Approach to Region Based Motion Estimation
Johanis Hashim December, 1995 Removal of Fingerprints from Digital Images
Marshal Robers June, 1997 Scalable Video Compression
Fabian Meier June, 1997 Optimal Boundary Encoding in the Rate-Distortion Sense
Stavros Tzavidas June, 2001 Stereo Panoramic Video Generation and Processing
Xiaohuan Li June, 2002 MPEG-4 Shape Error Concealment Techniques
Tien Lee June, 2002
Elias Fradelos June, 2002
Fei Wang June, 2002
Kostantinos Zachariadis June, 2004 Resource Allocation in Wireless Communications
Reto Ansorge October, 2004 Hochschule fur Technik Rapperswil, Switzerland
Mark Trandel June, 2005 Scalable Video Compression
Morris Kabuage June, 2005
Roger Biffiger December, 2005 Audio-Visual Isolated Digit Recognition
Ramandeep Ahuja June, 2006 Microarray Image Processing
Derek Shiell June, 2007 Object Tracking for Audio-Visual Signal Processing
Serhan Uslubas December, 2008 Macroblock Based Resolution Adaptive Video Encoding.
Tuo Huang June, 2010
Zingnan Wang December, 2011
George Liu June, 2012
Leonidas Spinoulas June, 2012
Jonathan Springer December, 2012 Forest Hashing: Expediting Large Scale Image Retrieval
Jian Zhang December, 2013
Mengdi Bian June, 2014
Zhenyu Zhang June, 2014
Mengwei Li June, 2014
Chenghao Liu December, 2014 Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland
Yuchen Liu September, 2015
Yijing Luo September, 2015