Method and system for improved motion compensation

TitleMethod and system for improved motion compensation
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsOzcelik, T., J. C. Brailean, A. K. Katsaggelos, and S. N. Levine
Published Source5,646,867
Date Published08/07/1997

The present invention provides a method (600) and system (100) for predicting a differential vector field. The method and system enable the detection and encoding of an area where motion compensating the past image frame to the current image frame, fails. Based on the DFD signal, the present invention detects regions where the motion compensation has failed (102). The boundaries of these regions are encoded and sent to the decoder (104). The intensity values contained in this region, by the current intensity frame, are also encoded and sent to the decoder. Based on the decoded region boundaries, the decoder decodes the intensity values and places them into the correct regions.

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